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The thread rolling machine is a multi-functional cold extrusion forming machine tool. The thread rolling machine can perform thread, straight, and twill rolling treatments on the workpiece in the cold state within its rolling pressure range.
An advanced non-cutting machining that can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece. The radial compressive stress generated during machining can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsional strength of the workpiece. It is an ideal for high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption. Craft.

The thread rolling machine is divided into: two-axis thread rolling machine and three-axis thread rolling machine.
1. Two-axis thread rolling machine is used in hardware construction, automobile and motorcycle accessories, transportation power, standard parts
It has strong advantages in production, etc.;
2. In the pipe thread processing industry, the three-axis thread rolling machine waits for the triangular support to ensure true
Roundness, concentricity and perpendicularity.

Necking machine
The diameter reducing machine is a non-cutting processing equipment, and has the advantages of production efficiency, simple technology, easy operation, saving raw materials, and stable quality. It uses hydraulic technology to send round steel, rebar and other reduced diameter parts into a special grinding tool to be formed by cold shrinking. The density of the reduced part of the steel can be greatly increased, thereby improving the compressive strength of the material. The plasticity and impact toughness are not reduced, so that the threaded part and the rod body part have the same strength, which solves the disadvantages of reducing the pressure resistance and impact toughness due to the peeling of the lathe

Rolling wheel
The thread rolling wheel is a tool that uses metal plastic deformation to roll out threads on a thread rolling machine.

Automatic CNC steel bar bending machine

The computer numerical control full-automatic steel bar bending machine through fully intelligent and highly integrated control realizes the production of steel bar feeding, descaling, straightening and extension, bending and forming, and cutting. It can directly produce various sizes and specifications of hoops. The ribs fully meet the design requirements.

Multifunctional punching and shearing machine
The multi-function punching and shearing machine integrates punching, shearing angle steel cutting, profile cutting and other functions. It has multiple advantages such as light weight, small size, low noise and high efficiency. It is used in modern machinery manufacturing such as metallurgy, bridges, communications, and electric power. Ideal equipment for the industry.
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